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A Liberating Dynamic

A Liberating Dynamic

written by: Miya Yamanouchi


He awakens me with a fate inescapable,
a delicious destiny I always knew was mine,

magisterial utterances that ignite my soul,
deviant directions that menacingly excite,





how his orders

set me free.

My sovereignty, at last unseated,
my nation, felicitously surrendered to him.

Breathless, his canny, crafty commands do leave me,
transitorily intoxicated in a nectarous reverie,

begging desperately for air,

as I drown, drown, drown,

in the infinite river of his inebriating words.

Miya Yamanouchi

Miya Yamanouchi

Miya Yamanouchi is a writer in South Eastern Europe whose words appear in magazines, books, textbooks, news outlets and literary journals across the globe including Europe, North America, the Middle East and Africa. She holds a Bachelor of Counselling and is a Master of Communication student with a 90 plus average. Her journalistic work can be found at Balkan Insight and The Sarajevo Times where she has reported on post-conflict issues including landmines, mine victims, transitional justice, genocide denial and ethnic tensions. In August 2020, Miya took her first ever creative writing class at university where she discovered a love for writing fiction and poetry. Since then her poetic work has been published in Poets and War, SpillWords Press and Poetry Atlas, while her flash fiction stories can be found at Friday Flash Fiction, 50-Word Stories and 101 Words. Her first ever short story, ‘A Tale From The Black Ink Sea’ was published in Drunken Pen Writing followed by SpillWords Press, where it was shortlisted for Publication of the Month. Miya has lived on three different continents and an island in the South Sea, and is currently learning her third language. Her writing reflects her multifaceted personality and unique, diverse life experiences.
Miya Yamanouchi

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