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When’s Day Is Just Not Another Day

When’s Day Is Just Not Another Day

written by: Robert W Kovacs


The day started like any other
Uneventful day at the office,
Came home deciding on what’s dinner
Whether to eat in or to go out?

I opened the fridge a dozen times
Managed to scrape together enough,
As I made dinner from leftovers
Filled my plate with some of this and that.

I finished dinner and cleaned my mess
I poured another glass of iced tea,
About to sit in my comfy chair
Then the phone startled me with its ring.

I looked at the display, “Mom Calling”
I picked up with my usual, “Hello!”,
With not a spare word to share with me
She asked calmly, “Can you come over?”

I tried to ask her what it’s about
But she left me not even a clue,
I got myself together and left
As I drove right on over to her.

A million thoughts raced through my mind
For the maybe fifteen minute drive,
As I have done many times before
I pulled in and parked in the driveway.

Fumbling for my keys, I locked the car
I unlocked the front door, I walked in,
My Mom was in the Florida room
Sitting on the couch, watching TV.

Like she has done many other times
She glances up, smiles and greets me,
Immediately, I asked questions
She replied she wasn’t feeling well.

She responded with all her symptoms,
I prayed for her symptoms weren’t real,
After an hour, I reassessed
I told her she needs medical care.

With only two choices to pick from.
I demanded her to make a choice,
“I can drive or call an ambulance”
She opted for me to drive her there.

Mom remained unsure about my choice
Grudgingly walked and got in the car,
Within a few minutes we arrived
I parked by the ER, helped her out.

Walked in, checked in, waited to be called
After a short wait, maybe ten minutes,
A registrar called us to the desk,
Processed her intake, then waited more.

An RN finally called her name
Brought her to a holding area,
Took vitals and reassessed symptoms
Reviewed and questioned Mom’s history.

The attending doctor read the chart
He reviewed everything carefully,
Then placed orders for all the tests stat
To get to the bottom of all this.

All the tests finally completed
We returned and waited once again,
This time in the holding area
Until the doctor returned again.

His gentle smile turned to a frown
When he told Mom and I the results,
Elevated cardiac enzymes
Showed a mild heart attack occurred.

He then immediately scheduled
The exploratory procedure,
An angioplasty to rule out
Or fix anything found in the way.

I sent Mom off with a hug and kiss
With words, “Good luck. Love you. See you soon.”,
A couple tears built up in my eyes
As they slowly wheeled her away.

When I walked into the waiting room
It all began coming back to me,
As it’s the same one where I waited
Just as I did several years ago.

As if it were only yesterday
Here’s where I said my final goodbye,
And saw my father for the last time
As he took his final breath of air.

All alone without a hand to hold.
I sat in a corner all alone,
Farthest away from anybody
Avoiding any conversation.

Just like my many other visits
I see some of the same past faces,
With new floors, furniture and decor
A fresh coat of paint, I remember.

It still feels and smells much the same way
When I see the same coffee machine,
With a sign reading, “out of order”
I take mental note nothing has changed.

Time seems to stand still while I wait
I leafed through the few old magazines,
No matter what I did to pass time
It still just won’t go any faster.

I thought heard my name being called
I wasn’t sure, I was half asleep,
Then I heard my name called once again
I stood up and then walked to the door.

Pulled aside into the smaller room
By the doctor who called me by name,
He shared what he saw as the problem
Explained what he did to repair it.

He shared, two arteries by the heart
Had more than ninety percent blockage,
Requiring him to insert two stents
Opening the flow of blood again.

He proceeded to explain to me
“We cleared the two major blockages,
She tolerated the procedure
All went well and she is resting now.”

With prayer and his skill, the doctor stopped
When death came knocking upon her door,
I was relieved to hear the good news
As we left out the door, I thanked him.

My memories raced throughout my mind
I cried for more than one occasion,
For she will see another sunrise
To celebrate God’s greatest gift, life.

With no immediate family
Just a handful of my closest friends,
I ruminate in the night’s silence
The same question my Mom asks of me.

Who will it be standing by my side
During my darkest days of my years?
Where will I be in my life’s despair
When stranded alone on life’s island?

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