A Mendicant's Perspective, a poem by Bilquis Fatima at Spillwords.com
Daniel van den Berg

A Mendicant’s Perspective

A Mendicant’s Perspective

written by: Bilquis Fatima


Why do you ignore
An empty hand that implores
For a few crumbs of bread
Or some pennies instead.

A strong resentment in you I feel,
Reflecting repulsion in the glance you steal
Ready hollow advices to preach,
Declaring begging a perpetrating disease.

No comforts you offer nor a penny you spare.
Comparing mendicants to criminals is not fair.
For if you are deprived of endearment
Don’t blindly give your judgment.

Addicted to wasting meals,
How would you know our ordeal
For pangs of hunger buffeting thus,
Seems a relentless curse on us.

Forced to live on others mercy, dying each day of ignominy.
This plight of us brought about by your tyranny.
Your malpractices and selfish schemes, havoc wreaks.
Unfathomable greed makes humanity weep.

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