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written by: Haaris Ali Waqas



We are the people;
People of a neglected nation.
We demand everlasting freedom
To laugh lightly in our little haven.
With our heads held high,
We overcome oppression.
Even with broken wings, we fly;
For we fear not regression.

We are the people;
In our faces, are pointed pistols.
Since we deal not with paper policies,
Paper propaganda promotes our prejudice;
Ruins our quiet quest for humanity;
For we let not other people’s precedence
Take over our pride.
Wanting peace to abide
And unity to rise,
We fight forcefully in stride.

We are people;
People who look towards the future
Unlike pompous politicians
Properly placed in parliaments as rulers –
Rulers who beg for recognition
By being leaders of oppression.
We come from one nation-
A nation proud not to follow dictation.
We speak one language;
The language of unity;
We call that language humanity!



“People” is about the divisions that humans have made in this world. People have divided themselves into groups mainly due to differences in religious, as well as cultural beliefs. This poem also talks about politicians who in the pretext of moving forward, oppress their people. There are many factors which inspired this piece. I hope the readers will get it all and apply it in their own lives.

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