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A New Day

written by: Andrew Ndambuki



I see a new day
That breaks at full dawn.
It makes mother nature yawn
And sunshine stretch her soul.

I see a new day
That makes the night swiftly run
And the sky’s black, dotted blanket turn
To a magenta, golden and azure yarn.

I see a new day
That creates fresh tides
Pulling and tugging at the hands of time
Unwrapping the present from the hand of divine

I see a new day
That never learns to paint darkness
But strokes colours and sounds and shades of light
And casts upon my heart a new day’s delight.

Andrew Ndambuki

Andrew Ndambuki

Andrew Ndambuki is an avid lover of creative works. In his spare time, he loves writing poems about life: love, music, politics, religion, death, justice, times, seasons... Poems that capture both the imagination and emotion of the readers and the diversity of their human experiences. Andrew has a B.Ed degree in English & Literature from Moi University - Kenya and MBA in Strategic Mgt from Daystar University - Kenya. He lives with his family in Dubai.
Andrew Ndambuki

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