Wishing Well, poetry by Liam Flanagan at Spillwords.com
Anna Tarazevich

Wishing Well

Wishing Well

written by: Liam Flanagan



Take this coin and hold it tightly in your hand
Think carefully and deeply on a wish you would like to see granted
A desire for peace in a world becoming more violent as each day passes
A request for good health to accompany you on live’s journey
A wish loved ones live long and loving lives
You may choose to put value on materialistic objects
To bring joy and happiness a decision made by the futility of youth
The older you get the heavier the coin clasped in your hand feels
The weight of hope and possibility weighing heavily on the soul
So delve deep inside to find something which is really worth wishing for
Toss the coin into the water heads you win
tails you lose

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