An Ode To Lorraine, a poem by Beth Warren at
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An Ode To Lorraine

An Ode To Lorraine

written by: Beth Warren


This is to honour your birthday, Lorraine
Admiration for you is hard to restrain.
Your poetry has dazzled us time and again
With the vast catalogue you store in your brain.

No subject is too hard for your creativity
You have style, panache and sensitivity.
Your use of words portrays much of life
Your wit cuts through the page like a knife.

You may be petite,
But you’re a formidable presence
So many stories you tell,
Your delivery is always effervescent.

You encourage us with your glorious prose,
Your aim each week is to help us grow.
Your familiar ‘you used a word twice!’ rings in our ears,
A wider vocabulary we need, it appears.

You are sweet and demure wearing baby blue,
Have a steely core, that can pack a punch too.
You inspire us all with your staying power,
You are a timeless flower.

You contribute to our group with advice that is sage,
A remarkable fete at your tender age.
We writers and poets here declare with pleasure
You, Lorraine……are a National Treasure.

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