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A New Kind Of Dance

A New Kind Of Dance

written by: Josie Dee



When fears linger & crouch in shadows‬
‪Like devils in the fog‬
‪Knowing all it takes‬ is fractured light‬
‪To spring them from the dark‬

‪Needing courage to be blinking back burning tears
To step over your heart in the dust
Leave it behind for a future
You will yourself on – because you must

But a white fear grasps at my senses as I look to tomorrow
Knowing you’ll never be who you were entwines my thoughts with sorrow

When fears linger & crouch in my thoughts
Like devils on the edge of intent
The uncertainty of you
Spins syncopated hopes into descent

‪How can I move on and say my goodbyes
‪When, so silently and abruptly you left‬
Being around you every day‬ through circumstance‬
Makes every minute and every hour a test‬

To shake up my world feels cruel when it’s just about my heart
Hoping to find solid ground, an opportunity – a chance to restart

I miss you. I love you.
And as always you entice and enchant

But I’ll take fate by the hand and leave it all to chance
Fix my fractured heart with a new kind of dance

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