Loyal written by Michael Shea at Spillwords.com



written by: Michael Shea



You go away and do not take me and I am alone.
I play but when you return I am so overflowing I cannot control my joy and you seem mixed; pleased but dangerous. I am afraid but still so overflowing and your hello is so brief and again I am alone.
You smell so fresh and dirty like all the corners I cannot reach, of food and sticky things I love to touch with my mouth and tongue. You call from afar and I speak back but you call again louder and I am afraid.
You touch me briefly as we eat but you do not stay you provide and leave and I am torn between hunger and want of love for you, and once again I am alone.
I hear you and smell you eat elsewhere and I call to you but you call to me louder and I am afraid.
You come out once more before the end of daylight and take away my plate and touch me briefly I try to get as much of you as I can but you push me away and I am afraid you will leave me alone.
I lie awake and asleep listening and aware of all the things I must keep you safe from so I tell them to leave us alone and to be afraid.
When the light returns I call to you and others who have kept us all safe and you call louder to me and I am sorry and afraid.
When you give me food and we briefly play before you go I absorb as much of you as I can. I wish I was going with you but you eventually go and I am alone.
I hear you return before I see you and cannot control myself I get so excited I call to you and you call back hard and I am afraid but still cannot control my joy that I am not alone.
You come to me all mixed and dangerous but I am not afraid because I am not alone.

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