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A Poem For You

written by: A.S. Charly


Without you, there would be no sunrise,
the moon and stars would fade away.
Time itself would shed big tears …
until everything was frozen blue.

You're the dawn of all my happiness,
your words are music to my soul.
Your laughter fills my world with color,
with you, my heart is at peace.

I dream of your warm embracement,
and butterflies that’ll fill my heart.
A loving kiss to connect our souls,
we’ll forever float among the stars.

A.S. Charly

A.S. Charly

A.S. Charly loves to lose herself in fantastical worlds far away between the stars, filled with magic and wonder. When her head is not stuck in the clouds, she writes and draws. Her work has been published in various anthologies and online publications. Some of her most recent publishers include Black Hare Press, Blood Song Books, CafeLit, Clarendon House Publications, Dragon Soul Press, Friday Flash Fiction, Insignia Stories, Iron Faerie Publishing, Reanimated Writers, Spillwords, Stormy Island Publishing and Zombie Pirate Publishing.
A.S. Charly

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