Notebook, poetry written by Tylia Flores at
Aaron Burden



written by: Tylia Flores



staring down at my blank sheet on notebook paper,
with my pencil in hand,
getting ready to write the first sentence to my story,
In my Composition Notebook,
that I consider to be a friend,
As I write Hi Notebook it’s so nice to meet you, my dear friend,
I’m just a woman on wheels with a mind full of thought,
about how the world views me,
wheelchair first, human second,
so I consider you my only escape,
hope you don’t mind,
it’s just sometimes Cerebral palsy gets to be too much,
and I need an outlet,
So I apologize for the times where the words written in you aren’t as positive.
I’ll try my best to be positive and uplifting when writing the words to your blank pages,
so I hope you’re ready for the adventures with me,

Love, Tylia

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