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A Sonnet for Elvira

Mistress of the Macabre: No. 10

written by: Juan Perez


People, she is not as shy
But she is lovely and mysterious
She will make you go bonkers and delirious
Listen up ya’ll because this is sickly serious

People, she is not as shy
But she is sassy and sincerely sarcastic
In a way that is too terribly fantastic
And she’ll take it all in cash or plastic

People, she is not as shy
But she is the Mistress of the Dark
Whether in a shady room or the park
Or riding bikini-free on a shark

People, she is not as shy
But she’ll make you feel like you want to die

Juan Perez

Juan Perez

Juan Manuel Pérez, a Mexican-American poet of indigenous descent and the current Poet Laureate for Corpus Christi, Texas (2019-2020), is the author of several books of poetry including a new book, SCREW THE WALL! AND OTHER BROWN PEOPLE POEMS (FlowerSong Books, 2020). The award-winning poet, history teacher, and Pushcart Nominee, is a founding committee member of the People’s Poetry Festival. He is also a member of the Horror Writers Association, the Science Fiction Poetry Association, and the Military Writers Society of America. Juan worships his Creator and chases chupacabras in the South Texas Coastal Bend Area.
Juan Perez

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