A Spirit Colliding written by Zen at Spillwords.com

A Spirit Colliding

A Spirit Colliding

written by: Zen



He finds himself smoking and writing
green traces fume aqualungs inviting
Twirling & swirling soft & dry
He is just loyal not to pry
to this magic that has turned into habit
& a habit that cannot seem to fit

He meets Coleridge in Kubla Khan
as they share their thoughts of man
confident to surrender to the heart
uncertain to seek their lost part
It becomes an ashtray of pity & ink
projected unto raw canvas they would think

The nuances hardly flow
They simply have to blow
No trust but pretending illusion
A galaxy of sleep & delusion
paint pieces of themselves in black
to move forward & never look back

Eternal traces fume aqualungs inviting
A Romantic pen a spirit colliding…

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