A Stranger's Privilege, poetry by Emmanuel Olaleye at Spillwords.com
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A Stranger’s Privilege

A Stranger’s Privilege

written by: Emmanuel Olaleye



home is a heaven without a god.
I know this for I have searched the breadth of kinship
and found a seed of contempt in place of a throne.

I can hear you think me false,
even when you cherish the reverence that strengthens you from strangers,
and strangely wish you were a stranger in your own home.

I can hear you think me false,
yet your eminence is crowned by the many distant souls that know you less,
and you delight yourself to bask in their presence.

truth is sometimes hard to accept,
for home is truly a heaven.
but it raises you to become a god looking elsewhere for an abode.

there are fears and fancies in the corners of a home.
it teaches a man to be wary.
but a stranger is a king,
he can hide the home in the shadow of his wings and fly…

for his is a privilege that a home should inherit,
even just for a little while,
for to attain perfection.

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