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A Woman

A Woman

written by: Aisha Saidi Kingu



From the meaning of her name,
From the beauty of her look,
From the strength of her voice,
A great role, she always plays.

Gender, reveals her strength,
Her strength, builds her path,
Her beliefs, define her abilities,
For inner self speaks of her capabilities.

In patience, she builds her base,
In confidence, she voices up loud,
In hard work, she channels every opportunity,
Structuring her future, honouring her society.

As a daughter, she humbly grows,
As a wife, she beautifully raises,
As a mother, she proudly engages,
And as a leader, she passionately leads.

A woman of dreams, herself she calls,
A woman of strategies, herself she praises,
A woman of visions, herself she describes,
A woman of implications, herself she indicates.

Aisha Saidi Kingu

Aisha Saidi Kingu

Aisha Saidi Kingu is a poetess, an advocate and a public speaker, a member of Commonwealth Partnership of Technology Management (CPTM), participant of the 19th World Festival of Youth and Student held in Sochi, Russia 2017 and she was able to give a poem of appreciation on the event that connected youth from different parts of the world, to His Excellency Vladimir Putin, she wrote a poem to Queen Elizabeth II on her 92 birthday, The Late Hon. Kofi Atta Annan, His Excellency the 4th President of United Republic of Tanzania Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete.
Aisha Saidi Kingu

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