Africa, a poem written by Emmanuel GG Yamba at
Simon Hurry



written by: Emmanuel GG Yamba


Out of mother Earth
Came a continent so great
Possessing beauty without equality
That attracted praises and envy

Blessed by her creator
And preciously designed by nature
Dressed with many colors
And pictured as a daughter of the gods

Plastered with dark paint,
Stains washed away by Victoria’s fall
And thirst quenched by Nile river
Her dams are crowns of light on her head

Her skin sparkles with diamonds
As the gold glitters on her waist
Urinating oil like running water
Dancing with iron ore under her feet

Her gigantic trees give shelter
And food that energizes her
As a father to his will
So she shares her beauty with her kids

Her evergreen forest
Drives tourists to see the existence
Of such beauty under heaven
Though she’s the oldest
Her face refuses to wrinkle from age

She lies between white teeth and black heart
Love that came only to exploit
Stripping her off her treasures
And later consuming her
Like gold she came out refined and pretty

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