Agonizing Hours written by Anne G at

Agonizing Hours

Agonizing Hours

written by: Anne G



Agonizing hours
the forecast was bold
impending catastrophe
devastation untold

North flew the raven
harbinger of doom
spreading word of a Phenom
that would arrive all too soon

The isle of enchantment
direct in its path
with the vengeance of nature
and the power of wrath

Generations of people
with no memory gleaned
of unimagined destruction
and strife unforeseen

Merciless its fury
water its fuel
ferocious and pitiless
unrelenting and cruel

Hurricane Maria
advanced through the night
gathering her strength
the target in sight

Rains poured from heaven
the zephyrs from hell
drenching mountain and valley
blowing all they could fell

Then came the calm
the eye of the storm
Puerto Rico deserted
stood shocked and alone

Maria laid siege
to all matter and means
of modern technology
communication did cease

Families and friends
left out in the cold
no word of beloved ones
survivors unknown

Nature interrupted
no home for the bees
flora and fauna
rivers and streams

Le Lo Lai Le Lo Lai
in unison did sound
heart rendered lyrics
with sentiment profound

Memories of a garden
verdant and lush
Puerto Rico forgotten
Borinquen a hush

It has taken me thus far
to take paper and quill
ink words that bear witness
to the storm that would kill

Our island survived
this century’s storm
certain Boriken
will in time be reborn

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