All Falls Down, poetry by Shaurya Pathania at
Axel Antas Bergkvist

All Falls Down

All Falls Down

written by: Shaurya Pathania



Good Morning,
Flashing lights blind me,
Yet I’m bound to praise
God for his homecoming,

The Lord seems heartless yet I
runaway on the moon, in the hurricane,
in the waves, in the jail, through the wire,
facing all of the lights, making them all mine.

You can’t tell me nothing, If we were real friends,
You’d hold my liquor, let me be off the grid, let
me enjoy addiction,
I wonder if the city of Gods gift good life or
Is it also a ghost town with blood on tree leaves
painted by a devil in a new dress,

Do I follow God or the one who shouts
“I am a God”,
There’s no church in the wild.
Is the act of mercy stronger
than dark fantasy,
I try to feel the love, I touch the sky,
Only for four five seconds,
then it all falls down to the monster, the
violent crimes, the wolves
And the new slaves.

I feel so cold and it’s not even
coldest winter, I feel lost in the world,
Lord I need you, bring me down,
I don’t want to see you in my nightmare,
Please believe what I say,
Good Night.

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