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written by: Areeba Saqib



The night had been crazy
For the little girl in red
Her eyes were the colour of the spring ocean,
Her hair the colour of autumn leaves.

Crawling her way through
the crammed corridors surrounded by white walls,
She looked at every being in scrutiny,
worried someone would question the blood on her hands.

The iron benches sitting outside the morgue
appeared to have been oxidised for centuries
The rooms of the building reeked of death,
even when life walked through them.

The announcement maker’s voice
was much disturbing than wailing babies,
Echoing at every unhygienic corner
of the ill-maintained city hospital

Her feet ran faster at one moment,
Her heart thumping louder and louder.

At last the darkness disappeared
From where light peeked its way through

There stood an ambulance with its doors open,
Welcoming her dearest ‘family of four’ into its arms.

Areeba Saqib

Areeba Saqib

Born in a small town to a family of multiple descents, teenager Areeba Saqib has a peculiar interest in literature, be it poetry or narration. Her favorite classic writers include the Bronte sisters and Jane Austen, whereas her passion for poetry is immensely inspired by the works of William Wordsworth and Edgar Allan Poe. Though it is not quite common for a young child to develop words that come from deep within, events throughout her life have acted as the key for her in following this path. Despite her career choice being medicine, her love for writing continues, with most of her thoughts being randomly jotted down on pieces of paper.
Areeba Saqib

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