The Colors of Love and Life, a poem by Areeba Saqib at
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The Colors of Love and Life

The Colors of Love and Life

written by: Areeba Saqib



She sat on the porch impatiently
fiddling with her little fingers,
awaiting her brother’s arrival
for he’d promised to take her to the carnival.

She’d curiously stared at him
hastily hand the bag of meat to his mother,
then drive off from his refuge

She ran down the street, barefoot in love
sincerely hoping to make him stay,
Instead, he flashed her a grin and said,
“I’ll be back in time, four eyes.”

She’d glance at the hour clock every now and then
desperate to hear the sound of his bike.
Seconds to her felt hours long
as she sat all decked up on the stairs.

No sooner did the sound of shrieks and cries
fill her little ears,
And she rushed to her sister
questioning the panic in her eyes.

“Has something happened to my aiyya?”,
she stammered softly, and repeatedly.
The confused voice finally broke out,
“He’s coming back, he’s coming back.”

Ecstatic to sit on the merry go round,
she stood near the gates to receive her elder one
But neither was he on his feet,
Nor in his consciousness.

Her innocent eyes stared once more
at her brother carried on four shoulders,
adorned in white cloth and red roses,
representing the colors of both,

Love and Life.

Areeba Saqib

Areeba Saqib

Born in a small town to a family of multiple descents, teenager Areeba Saqib has a peculiar interest in literature, be it poetry or narration. Her favorite classic writers include the Bronte sisters and Jane Austen, whereas her passion for poetry is immensely inspired by the works of William Wordsworth and Edgar Allan Poe. Though it is not quite common for a young child to develop words that come from deep within, events throughout her life have acted as the key for her in following this path. Despite her career choice being medicine, her love for writing continues, with most of her thoughts being randomly jotted down on pieces of paper.
Areeba Saqib

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