An Average Day for An Essential Worker, poetry by Linda M. Crate at

An Average Day for An Essential Worker

An Average Day for An Essential Worker

written by: Linda M. Crate



plexiglass dividers
with gaps so thick they’re
not conducive
for protection,
customers complaining constantly
about anything and everything;
“this virus is a hoax!”
some crow as they wander around
the store—
quarantine somehow became
an infringement of their
rights rather than a protection,
and they don’t care about
us essential workers;
or infecting us or our families
somehow it is always about them
even when it’s not—
this nation is selfish,
and these people are cruel;
i just wish i could live in a world devoid
of greed and a lack of empathy and compassion—
everyone’s sick of being locked inside,
but i am sick of their attitudes and their condescension;
i would give anything to be safe.

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