Desert Songs, a poem written by Verona Jones at
Fabian Struwe

Desert Songs

Desert Songs

written by: Verona Jones



Sands scorched under the rays of the sun,
rippled by an arid wind concealing desert secrets.
Bardic tales about cities salted and destroyed,
reclaimed once more by the unforgiving desert.

Under a silvery orb’s luminescence,
when stars glow softly against an ebony sky.
Forlorn whispers ride the evening breeze,
muted words by spirits long since passed.

Moaning their plight under a starlit night,
lamenting about lost loves and spent lives.
Now forever buried beneath tons of sand,
keening dark requiems of bitter memories.

Consumed in time’s continual passage,
buried in a tomb carved from a desolate land.
A moment of fiery spark like a candle spent,
now desert songs whispered in the Zephyrs.

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