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An Echo Of Nobility

An Echo of Nobility

written by: Hajar KARTAF



His lips are breaking into a warm smile.
He must be the descendant of a noble family.
Otherwise, how could he have such
an awe-inspiring aura that is lighting up
his eyes and every tiny dark corner?
He plays piano for her on rainy Sundays,
beside the chimney, his beloved’s heart is on fire.
Following the rhythms of The Moonlight Sonata,
she dives into his gaze and ruminates
about the beauty of medieval art and history.
He is a man from another era, living
in the 21st century to keep her company.
Saturdays are for Bach’s solo cello suites
on the antique record player,
just because it’s her favorite melody.
They tour museums and galleries,
discuss expressionism late at night,
relish the view of stars fading away
and others glowing in the sky.
Two roaming souls in the streets of
Jerusalem, Seattle, Vienna, and Roma,
for the sake of wanderlust.
Would it be possible despite
her origins, faith, and religion?
Would they overcome hatred and
the blind righteous look of society?
Victims of hard feelings their ancestors
created ages ago and that still persist.
They chose to let go of the past,
its chaos, reasoning, and melancholy.
To embrace a delightful present,
live up to peace and humanity.
Because all is never lost!

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