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written by: Hajar KARTAF



I hold it nonchalantly.
As a passionate lover.
I didn't play the note.
Instead, I felt it and lived it
For a long while.
It is not my love for a man
That I am declaring.
It is my heart pounding
For my first cello sensation.
A mellow and melancholic sound
Came out of my woody box.
It harmonized my thoughts.
It delivered my feelings
Better than I have ever done.
I was startled and thrilled at the same moment.
I jumped into an illusory world.
A magically marvelous place.
I was completely and utterly present.
Immersed in every bowing.
Drowning in a sea of emotions
Of sadness, sorrow, and grief.
But more importantly a matchless relief.
It choked me up and left me
Staring at the purest work of art.
Trust has been built between us.
To set up a firm relationship
Nurturing itself from the countless epic
Compositions of classical music.
As if Bach, Vivaldi, and Dvořák
Have been brought back to life
In order to create the finest symphony of all time.
My cello and I drained away.
For a divine piece of music has been given life.



A 22-year-old Moroccan college student who never gets enough of art and literature. An aspiring cellist and pianist seeking peace and joy.

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