An Intense Berceuse, poetry by Juliya Susan Jose at
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An Intense Berceuse

An Intense Berceuse

written by: Juliya Susan Jose


I heard a soothing lullaby
Down from the valley
Of that long journey
Yearned to decipher
The tunes of berceuse
Is it coming to me
Or it moves away from me?
I can’t thoroughly recall it
It eventually felt like
The voice of respite.

Deep sweet smiles formed
By hearing the soft tunes
It soon makes ourselves
Fall into a sedative nap
By relishing the coziness
Of her ample bosom.
Hush… Said the voice
To those who are around
Let the tiny bundle of joy
Take a serene sleep.

It literally felt like a melody,
Snugging into the comfort
Hugging so close to heart
With all the fondness
The warmth of caress
The gentle comfy nuzzles.
It gives a sense of
Pure mellow mood,
Grants me profoundly
With a cradle of memories.

Those softest dulcets
Strikes away from all frets
and feeble whimpers.
Gently wrapping up with
Tons of kisses and cuddles
Makes the purest bond
Of mother-child dyad.
Even after passing beyond the ages
Those rhythms still rejuvenate
The thoughts of inner soul.

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