Cloud Outbursts, poetry by Juliya Susan Jose at
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Cloud Outbursts

Cloud Outbursts

written by: Juliya Susan Jose


I adore the slanting silver lines
Cherishing me with calmness
Like a wet shivering leaf bud
Soak me into comfortness
The widespread dark cottons
Flashing upon the eternal sky
Makes a multitude of emotions
The arrival of something anew
Makes the departure of
Something that feels unlikely.

Window panes are drizzled
With dots of droplets
So soothing and refreshing
Covered like pearls
I let it open for a while
Glanced to the far end
Got sprinkled by the mizzle
Yet, the fondness stays still
Making the frolic mind
More and more euphoric.

For a moment, Let us immerse
Our emotional downpour
To this evoking cloudburst
To this everlasting deluge
Dribbling all the way down.
It has a healing power
It bestows a ray of hope
Allaying us to call off
The incessant pressure
We’re going through.

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