An Unholy Rite, a poem written by Brad Osborne at
Christopher Ott

An Unholy Rite

An Unholy Rite

written by: Brad Osborne


Black wax drips like sticky tar
Fire demons dance at their tips
Hopes are burnt to ashen char
As evil words leave eviler lips

Upon the floor in blood is stained
A youth given in sacrifice
To bring the Dark unrestrained
At the cost of a petty life

In the dim light of devil’s lair
The ancient arts are reborn
Sanctified in bone and hair
A covenant of soul is sworn

The silence summons the dead
As the contract is unfurled
Inked in the blood that was shed
To bring the fallen to the world

As smoke fills the rancid room
There is heard the mournful cries
As the world meets its final doom
Before the bloody signature dries

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