Ashes Ashes written by Viktoria Nikola at

Ashes Ashes

Ashes Ashes

written by: Viktoria Nikola



The dimming cinders of my spirit
Lay glowing feebly in the night
The smoke escaped my every merit
The arsonist: life’s pain and plight

My vessel’s blood rolled with a smolder
My passioned breath – a fev’rish dream
Here I have died, my ash grows colder
The air still vibrates with my scream

And yet a tale, I dare remember
Intangible, deep as the skies
That I exist still in these embers
And that a phoenix I shall rise

I’ll rise, and soar above my ashes
The pain I felt – a memory
The blaze, my death, might come in flashes
But stay a dying reverie

I’ll rise, but I am dust in limbo
The fire scents my senses stir
I’ll wait to cool, then from this pyre
I’ll rise. And be the firebird



Life is filled of difficult moments and beautiful moments. I’ve recently come to think of the hardships as the fire that burns a phoenix. And yet in the end, we rise again.

Viktoria Nikola

Viktoria Nikola

In 1991 my family and I immigrated to America from Russia. I didn't become fluent in English until I was about eight years old. Even so, I wrote my first poem in English when I was 12 and my first story when I was 13. However, instead of thinking "Eureka! I've found my calling!" I thought: "What an adorable hobby." In fact, since I was a musician’s daughter, my mind was set on becoming a musician. A violinist, a guitarist, a vocalist - any one of them would do.
Once I was accepted to UC Davis, however, I was far too busy with my classes to pursue a music career. I started studying history. Then picked up classics. I fell in love with the mysteries of the ancient world and began thinking of pursuing a Ph.D. in either subject. Or perhaps of becoming an archaeologist. However, after an unsuccessful archaeological internship, I decided against the scholastic world.
Eventually, I found my way to Traditional Chinese Medicine: part history, part philosophy, and big part natural therapeutics. I've always been attracted to holistic medicine and thought this was a nice blend of all the things I loved. However, after spending a few years in the Master's program for acupuncture, I realized something was still missing. That's when I sat down to write a poem, as I so often did when the muse called, but instead of a poem, a novel came pouring out. So here I am, still writing poetry and brainstorming my next few novels.
Viktoria Nikola

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