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Mid-Winter Bleak

Mid-Winter Bleak

written by: James Gabriel



We leave the village.
Away from the children
The sounds of hammers
repairing roofs
damaged by the blizzard.
The church bells
All fade.

Snow fall returns.
The mountains ahead
a blur.
Cold fills our lungs.
My shirt begins
to chafe
under the layers
of clothing.

Flakes catch my beard.
Now melting, waiting
until they will rest
like a robin
resting on the
edge of a branch.

I hear the snow,
crunching underfoot.
The dogs are restless,
their breath like
darts of smoke.

The memory of
home fire a distant
ache that plays a cruel
trick on my skin.

A shadow passes
A crow.

James Gabriel

James Gabriel

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California. James Gabriel is new to poetry. Inspired by the small moments in life that add up to who we are as people.
James Gabriel

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