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You condescend me to a Child,
No use had I in quoting Descartes,
And because I couldn’t help but ask
“Do you even exist? Or is this the Matrix? Or what?”
God, which star are you up there?
I’m so attached –

I still carry You in my mouth, like a dog carries Her pup.
And If I could trap Your voice in a bottle,
I’d sell it as Elixir, I can’t help it, I’m attached.

And just as the World’s in the clear, empty Space,
your absence inhabits my Face.
Oh, how I’d give You such distance
like crystal spheres to the Poor,
And You might be a giant someday,
while I remain Your useless garden gnome – –
And I cannot, cannot grow.

Feed me – – Look, I’m hungry! –
Cover me up – I’m cold –
I’m Foolish, please lavish time on me
Your memory blasts through me like gale in the Moor –
Oh, help me not become so immitigable
So I can live and die on my own!

Moments rattle by,
yet you sit mute in my Ears –
Stars fall & lights are out,
but you stopped in my Gaze.

And so here I am, rising from the dead
God, prevent me from loosing you again.



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