Gigi Balita

Echoes, a poem written by Gigi Balita at


Echoes written by: Gigi Balita   I never wanted to be a small matter But I was conceived. I never wanted to become a bigger particle But I some...
Chance, a poem written by Gigi Balita at


Chance written by: Gigi Balita   If I have a chance to be loved by any chance I'll take that chance with you. The chance of knowing you lights up ...
COUNT, a poem written by Gigi Balita at


COUNT written by: Gigi Balita   When you're alone, gaze up at the sky to see the clouds floating by look at those bright points of stars COUNT them...
Gigi Balita

Gigi Balita

An unpublished poet and writer. Works include poems and essays of various themes and topics. A graduate of Liberal Arts major in English. Worked in government service, Human Resource Department.