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The Bind, a poem written by Gigi Balita at

The Bind

The Bind written by: Gigi Balita   Somewhere...a man Is looking for true love. So many girls around, No one can catch his eyes. Where can be that pl...
Echoes, a poem written by Gigi Balita at


Echoes written by: Gigi Balita   I never wanted to be a small matter But I was conceived. I never wanted to become a bigger particle But I some...
Chance, a poem written by Gigi Balita at


Chance written by: Gigi Balita   If I have a chance to be loved by any chance I'll take that chance with you. The chance of knowing you lights up ...
COUNT, a poem written by Gigi Balita at


COUNT written by: Gigi Balita   When you're alone, gaze up at the sky to see the clouds floating by look at those bright points of stars COUNT them...
Gigi Balita

Gigi Balita

Gigi Balita was born and raised in Tanza, Cavite, Philippines. She is a Moderator of the group Poetry Planet, an international writing platform study group with 38k members. She is an author/contributor to several poetry anthology books namely "Legacy Anthology Book" & "Quills In A Brighter Horizon" by Poetry Planet, "Illusive Hearts" by Beautiful Minds Community, "100 Quotes of Wisdom" by Lab Academia, "Asia Anthology" by Asian Literary Society, "Salvemos El Planeta Anthology" by Vanguardistas Poeticas Group Rosas Y Orquideas Poeticas. She is also a member of many poetry writing groups such as Poetas Unidos Del Mundo-Peru, Gloucestershire Poetry Society Uk, Global Literary Society-India, World Union Of Poets-Europe, Vincenzo de Caro Poeti Escritori-Italy, Home Of United Inks, Inked With Magic, League Of Poets and many others. Gigi is an old soul who loves the classics. Coming from a family of musicians, she also likes music and singing. Her favorite songs are "Les Moulins de Mon Coeur" and "La Vie En Rose".