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written by: Gigi Balita


When you're alone, gaze up at the sky
to see the clouds floating by
look at those bright points of stars
COUNT them one by one and you'll see
they will remind you about me.

When you're lonely sit by the willow tree
where there's a bird or a butterfly or a bee
if they are making noises just let them be
COUNT the buzzes they make
then you'll miss me awake.

When you're weary, walk by the sea
feel the touch of your feet to the sands
hear the echoes if every footstep you make
COUNT the sound of every wave that breaks
and it's like my voice whispering in your ears
I love you.

Gigi Balita

Gigi Balita

An unpublished poet and writer. Works include poems and essays of various themes and topics. A graduate of Liberal Arts major in English. Worked in government service, Human Resource Department.
Gigi Balita

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