The Bind, a poem written by Gigi Balita at
Edward Cisneros

The Bind

The Bind

written by: Gigi Balita


Somewhere…a man
Is looking for true love.
So many girls around,
No one can catch his eyes.
Where can be that place out there
where he can find
Someone different to catch him by surprise?

Somewhere…a woman
Is waiting for love to come.
So lonely on her own,
Nobody she could ever guess
Who will make her feel special,
Wipe her tears away and be
Somebody blessed with happiness.

He’s walking on the right
She’s walking on the left
No chance to cross their paths.
Fairest deliverer of fate
Who makes male and female meet,
Don’t sleep this time oh dear
Cast your mystic wand
Upon these two searching shadows
That cannot find their ways.

Above, one star is shining bright
He from the east, she from the west
Are looking at the same direction
Tonight they utter each other’s wishes
Tomorrow they will awake and know
Their sweetest dream is coming
Love will use its bow and arrow
To conquer once more its victims,
Change them two into fools
And bind them together through

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