Hell, written by jamshe, a poet and short story writer at Spillwords.com


Hell written by: jamshe   I’ll meet you again At the gates of hell For heaven is for those Who’ve treated others well Hello, Yes that is me I hunt ...
Restless, a poem written by jamshe at Spillwords.com


Restless written by: jamshe   There seems no reason to stay When the restlessness begins You no longer see their positives Only highlight their sins ...
Ex, a poem by jamshe at Spillwords.com


Ex written by: jamshe   I’m sorry I did not die In a fiery high speed crash Or starve to death in a filthy alley When I finally ran out of cash I’m ...


I am a poet and short story writer. My occupation is counsellor and I am the Clinical Director for a charity. I am 67 years old and have written all my life but never had the confidence to publish.