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Display written by: Eric Roberts @the_averagepoet   She came by the store again today And my heart soared As i stared out of my box And my gaze fell up...
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Sunk written by: Eric Roberts @the_averagepoet   I sank Into your body As your arms contorted around my limbs Like vines deep within the sea Gripping m...
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A Scorched Love

A Scorched Love written by: Eric Roberts @the_averagepoet   "The red headed vixen creeps her talons deep within my chest, Twisting her hand making me b...
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Yesterday written by: Eric Roberts @the_averagepoet   There was a day When I looked to the sky And its gorgeous beauty allowed the suns glowing rays to...
Eric Roberts

Eric Roberts

Im just an average poet, who writes how he feels when he feels, about who he feels