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written by: Aparna Reddy



Listen to the strum
of the passing wind,
listen to the stillness
when the cricket chirps,
listen to the sound
of the passing stream,
let the rhythm of your heart
hear your unheard voice
a quiet ground, you may see
loping along the sands
of the mundane world:
untouched feelings- sailing
on the passing clouds
unexplored thoughts- wading
through the lull of the dark night
a deep awakening
waiting to be released
from the dregs
of the inner self
like a lone star
wanting to be reached
from the distant earth.


~Aparna Reddy
Copyright © Midnighthues Poetry



Many things occur in life that may impact our existence. We cannot control the outside world however, discovering and connecting with our inner self brings peace. We can start making new beginnings by understanding who we are, we need to slow down and search for our inner self and question who we can be. Contemplation does magic sometimes when it hits the right cords.

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