Betrayal, a poem written by Ger White at
Amy Pointer



written by: Ger White


That knife in the gut by the smiling monk
The stab in the back – no-one heard the thunk
But felt full force – of the blow

30 pieces of silver
Now weighs in gold
Hearts souls and minds are sold
To the highest bidder –
Big Pharma figure

Where billions are fun
And souls succumb to their own betrayal
Of their own codes and values
And intentions

Where the “loser” wins
As he has no sins to confess
He is not blessed
With the gift of foresight, or any sight

Foreskins for cutting perhaps
To make men less men and for the thrill
Of sadistic cutting and suffering

Where one man’s pain
Is another man’s gain
And the more pain
The more gain

Bankers sit in masochistic glee
Farming out loans to thee and me
Just so we writhe in agony
When that promise we can’t meet

But we were never meant to!
The game was rigged for me and you
Never fair exchange
The tide of interest crept high around our necks
Hanging us by our own promise

They wanted to prove to us
That an honest promise
Can be a curse


Here we sit with throats not slit
But yet – they ooze blood
Our precious blood
Blood we could have fed our children on
But again they wanted to steal that one
Stole where they could
And with dark souls
On our dread
On darkness
On fear

No-one hears the howls in the bowels of the earth
Where rules mean curses
To our health
Where children are hurt
To soothe dark souls
Insatiable lust
Dark pools of gold
Our precious gold
Our children
Our blood


The Gods have said – enough!!
No more bluff
Get thee to the fires of Hell
And forever dwell
In your own misery

We are setting good souls free
Darkness ends
But for miscreants
Darkness begins

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