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written by: Anna Banasiak


You're a breath of eternity
in a timeless space
the sense of my existence
I'm wandering without You
in the desert of nothingness
I remember Your kiss
light as the sky
love me
with Your eternal touch
and set me free
from the cage
of loneliness


written by: Anna Banasiak


Eres un soplo de eternidad
En un espacio intemporal
El sentido de mi existencia
Estoy vagando sin ti
En el desierto de la nada
Recuerdo tu beso
Luz como el cielo
Con tu toque eterno
Y liberarme
De la jaula
De soledad

Anna Banasiak

Anna Banasiak

I'm a poet, literary critic and occupational therapist. My poems have been published in New York, London, Surrey, Australia, Canada, India, Africa, Japan, Israel. I'm interested in art and psychology.
Anna Banasiak

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