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Restless Search

written by: Nara Hodge



She searches for chaos within perfect harmony.
She looks for wisdom in a kingdom of folly,
Hiding among a boisterous crowd-
Invisible, transient, with her head bowed.
She searches for comfort where she cannot find it.
She looks for solitude among the lost and stranded,
Losing herself in echoing emptiness,
Succumbing to it with meek readiness
She searches for goodness among depravity.
She looks for kindness in the realm of cruelty.
Masking insecurities as bold impertinence
Offering no glimpse of her true essence.
She promises to stay where no soul exists.
She vows to abandon what she cannot resist.
She trusts her secrets to the murky skies
And writes her poems in perfect rhymes.
She dances to the sound of the falling rain
As it drums beats against the window pane.
Entranced by the euphony of the raindrops,
She does not realize when time stops.

Nara Hodge

Nara Hodge

Mother, lover, dreamer, poet, politics addict: Nara Hodge describes herself as a lover of words forever in awe of written word and the formidable beauty of poetry. She believes in therapeutic writing and often uses her poetry to express her pent-up emotions and untangle the chaotic thoughts of her restless mind. Nara refers to her writing as Restless Reflections, which is also the title of her first poetry collection in English that is currently in progress.

Nara writes poetry in English and Russian.
She lives with her family in beautiful Oxfordshire, England.
Nara Hodge

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