Blacksmith's Dilemma, poem by Michael Zeller at
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Blacksmith’s Dilemma

Blacksmith’s Dilemma

written by: Michael Zeller



Blast of heat, and crash of steel
Smith works wonders forged in zeal
Pressed and molded cut and drawn
Mighty hand! creative brawn!
Drop the blade in waters flood
Drinks the cool but thirsts for blood

Horrors sharp the children fear
Mothers cry for those held dear
Mighty kings with greedy heart
Spend their money, men, and art
Face each other, roll the dice
Poor young boys then pay the price

Hand that wrought the cruel blade
Can also craft a farmer’s spade
Break up earth, increase the fruit
Hook can prune and plowshare root
Think upon the tool you use
Crafted right, brings life profuse.

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