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written by: The Quiet Quill



I’ve wandered and searched the evolving Earth,
I’ve been lost and confused in the dark of the days.
The earth beneath my feet has grown older and worn,
The tides have changed and revealed hidden paths.

These bones may be young but this soul is old.
No wiser, no greater, no better,
But filled with a love so deep that it cannot be explained,
Cannot be defined or described.

Words could never be pure enough to express
The emotion we feel and have held for lifetimes.
I carry with me a well deep enough to hold not only our wishes,
But our love, our hope, and the strength to continue searching for you.

We wandering souls are not
As sad as we may seem,
We are hopeful, never-giving-up-beings,
Fiercely loyal and believing in our lovers.

Not ghosts of ourselves, of what was, who we were,
Or flashes of what has passed;
But solid and strong, heads up, looking forwards,
To who and what we are destined to be.

I’ve wandered and searched the evolving Earth,
To feel this love that runs through our veins.
I have loved you for hundreds of years
And I’ve longed for these bones that led me to you.

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