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Books, Tea And Love

Books, Tea and Love

written by: Natalia Aeschliman



Your thick clouds, give way to the cold air, that freezes me as I stand barefoot on your earth
The words that were never said, echo through out the emptiness of this field, into the garden of forgotten
If I smile I will uncover the hidden love I feel for nights like these
Where silence meets my thoughts while the world is fast asleep
Come, lets run through the woods, find a nook and make a home
We don’t need much but books, tea and love
lets dance to the music of the moon, me and you, barefoot
lets read under the light of the stars, finding ourselves, unwinding our pleasures of sense
Let the gray sky cover us with its cold blanket of confusion, as if to let us know, she is there
and when the clouds give way to sunlight, lets sleep and dream of far away places, yet to be discovered
oh, you, my lover, my frozen emperor of the night
with those deep blue eyes, full of wonder, full of light.
Lets run away together, if only to run right back,
these crowds that form are so useless for our souls,
Don’t let them tame our bohemian ways,
don’t let them dictate our breaths, our words,
let us break free from the everyday routine,
lets dance to that gray sky, lets live.
For the days are shorter with these cold winds,
and the nights are eternal,
lets use them in our favor,
Run away with me.

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