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Hourglass Honorarium

written by: Don Knowles



My hourglass I built myself
Inside I've captured curves of times
Each grain of sand a portraiture
Refined Counterpart of those I love
Etched surfaces all miniature likenesses
Collective through my maturing
Bygone begotten though not forgotten
They swirl and dance in sandy gyrations
Some course some fine
Each counting seconds
Immortalization of our interaction
Nudging past the neck to descent
Random ordered to combine
To nestle atop my memory pile
Denoted with a million smiles
Then when the crowning piece of creation
Has finished its measured timely pouring
I commence a most cherished of all affairs
I turn my time piece over
So I may reincarnate
Each hug each kiss
Each wayward glance
Sheathed Within my mineral clockworks

Don Knowles

Don Knowles

My writing is typically written while I'm on a treadmill, so I call myself "the treadmill poet!"

Born in West Chester Pa in 1960 I have been inspired to begin writing again through my interactions with two people I care deeply about that are experiencing the torrents of mental illness.
Don Knowles

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