Bullies, poetry written by Jill Ebsworth at Spillwords.com
Ilayza Macayan



written by: Jill Ebsworth


Wearing only the emperor’s new clothes
they peacock-strut, drawing to them a
sycophantic following perhaps fearful of
becoming victims, or maybe just attracted
by violence in word and deed.

Of all ages, sizes, colours, shapes and genders,
bullies thrive everywhere, from the highest
political office to playground and school classroom.

Like death-eaters they are,
thriving on the pain and suffering
they inflict on the vulnerable.

Who of us will be the child, innocent
yet brave enough to call them out
in their fantasy, to proclaim that
they are not clothed in the power they crave,
that their falseness is easy to see through?
Who will pop their ego-inflated balloons
and point out that they are, underneath it all,
just like the rest of us,
needy, vulnerable—and mortal.

It is time for us all to be that child, to
heed the hero’s call, to firmly state
YOU must stop!

Some kind of impeachment is essential
to bring sanity and civility to human interactions,
…to make the whole world great

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