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written by: Maria Dulce Leitão Reis


We are facing a terrible calamity. A real threat. A deadly virus that spreads at a frightening speed.
A dangerous weapon, with a silencer.
Let us pray that this nightmare, which takes lives without mercy or compassion will soon be ended.
To the lives that are spared, may it serve as introspection to rethink their attitudes.
Why envy, greed, hate? After that, may love and peace win and if this serves as comfort, let us think then that those who died made us open our eyes and their death was not in vain.
Of course, it wasn’t fair. Death is not fair. But we cannot do anything for those who have died, but we can evaluate and rethink the way we live our lives.
Not to be in panic and precaution Is fundamental.
We must comply with safety standards and have faith that we will be able to overcome this enormous difficulty.
May Almighty God help us.
And since we have to avoid physical social contact, let us use technology to be close to at least those who love us and we love them. The internet has bad things, but it also has good things.
As with everything, it is necessary to know how to separate the wheat from the chaff.
I believe that a lot will change.
For now, no to kissing and shaking hands as a form of greeting.
Yes to namaste.



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