Calming of The Sea, poetry by Eric Shelman at
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Calming of The Sea

Calming of The Sea

written by: Eric Shelman


Still young and easily tempered
my anger would explode
lashing out and unleashing myself
as a two-year-old tantrum

Until I met a wiser and older sageful woman
came along knowing and teaching me
how to calm my treacherous seas

Teaching me that riding life’s tidal
and tsunami waves
would eventually help me overcome
because it would lose its momentum and power

That all things eventually pass no matter what
to start avoiding the annoying
and no longer waste my precious hour on it
telling to keep my mind busy, relax fully,
letting the waters carry me to my new destination
avoid disorganization in life
searching is a waste of my time
steer my ship clear of procrastination

Told me to walk in another’s shoes and realise how would I feel if I were in that person’s place

Always look in the mirror and reflect on my reflection to truly see my anger and resentment contorting my face

Said that my docked ships were about to set sail again onto choppy wakes and waves, windy, stormy weathers and hard to steer through
she managed to calm the sea…
The sea within my core soul…
gone now were my anger, frustration, and fear!
I am truly grateful for help as well!

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