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written by: Dennis Maulsby



Clustered in and around
a brown leather recliner,
the family children
gather for a story before bed.

A girl-child in furry-footed pajamas
rests her cheek on a wool-robed arm.
Eyes half-closed, images of a slow ballet
in her mind to the rhythm of the words.

Stretched out on the rug,
chin near slippered feet,
a dog-child twitches an ear
when he recognizes a word or two.

Curled head to tail,
a cat-child soaks-up lap-warmth,
remembers earlier shared milk and cookies
weaves a purring spell around the group.

On a nearby table
a fish-child floats at tank-side,
watches the flash of colored pages,
feels the vibrations of a gentle voice.

The father-child reads a story
about a long-ago time in a far away stable
when humans and animals were children together,
safe and at peace in the glow of the Christ Child.

Dennis Maulsby

Dennis Maulsby

Dennis Maulsby lives in Ames, Iowa. His poems and short stories have appeared in The North American Review, Mainstreet Rag, The Hawai’i Pacific Review, The Briarcliff Review (Pushcart nomination), and on National Public Radio’s Themes & Variations. His traditionally published books include: ‘Near Death/Near Life’ (MWSA gold medal winner), ‘Free Fire Zone’ (MWSA Silver medal winner), ‘Winterset’ (Eric Hoffer Award winner and Global Ebook gold medal winner), ‘The Fantasy Works,’ and ‘House de Gracie’ (Reader Views and Global Ebook Silver medal awards). Maulsby is an associate member of the SFWA and past president of the Iowa Poetry Association.
Dennis Maulsby

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