Christmas Belief, a poem written by Roger Turner at
Jonathan Borba

Christmas Belief

written by: Roger Turner



Have you ever “dashed through the snow
in a one horse open sleigh”
Seen eight maids a milking
saw the three ships I saw today

Have you ever seen a reindeer
With a nose that blinks bright red
Dreamt of fairies and of sugar plums
While sleeping in your bed

Have you ever put a penny
In the old man’s hat
Sat down in the parlor
And played “the Minister’s Cat”?

Have you travelled off to Whoville
Seen the Grinch, his fur all green
Have you ever seen Oriental Kings
Frankincense..I’ve never seen

But, at Christmas, yes at Christmas
We all sing and sing so well
Of these things that we believe in
And of things we know so well

I’ve never seen a Christmas
Where a snowman comes to life
But, for me, he lives each Christmas
With Jack Frost, and Frosty’s wife

Seeing is believing,
But at Christmas, not so much
We believe in Father Christmas
Things we can’t see and won’t touch

Christmas is more than giving
It’s a feeling in your soul
It’s believing in mankind’s goodness
Christmas makes me whole.

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