Christmas Eve Night, a poem by Tom Krause at
Albrecht Altdorfer (Nativity)

Christmas Eve Night

Christmas Eve Night

written by: Tom Krause


God looked down one cold winter night
to see the world fighting. What a terrible sight.
He remembered a time when He sent them a gift
That made them all happy and each heart would lift.

“Have they now all forgotten that night long ago when
I sent them my son to that manger below?”
“The lessons he taught them. The life that he lived.
That serving each other is how they should live?”

He called on His angels and gave them a task
to help people remember that love from the past.
So they flew down to Earth, to the hearts of every man,
to fill them with love, which was Jesus’ plan.

You see Christ has the power to soften each heart
when not only angels but we all do our part.
The Spirit of love, acceptance, and worth
all came to the world with that baby boy’s birth.

So now may we all start spreading the love
our Father has given from Heaven above.
And God can look down on this Christmas Eve night
to see love and forgiveness what a beautiful sight.

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