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Alex Perez

Drop in The Ocean

Drop in The Ocean

written by: Stephen Kingsnorth


Drop in the ocean one might say,
diving waters, stranger bay,
some seagrab from the landlocked quay.
But are their waves to certify,
a swell against the rising tide,
growth tribal arts of strategy?

Carefree is the curse of globe,
the imposition, mindset closed,
wight privilege in shades of night,
when might assumed divine right power.
It is the very plunge of young,
bequeathed, inherited, as rite.

So few resist those civilised,
apostles sent to rectify
appointed masters by decree,
resisting natives of their land.
who long to see homeland restored,
and seas are built by droplets, slow.

As bergs are melted into brine,
the blue grey world needs turn to green,
so children will stay diving in
alongside creatures, living sign
our stewardship responsible,
and all may flourish, spirit, wind.

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